Open Collar Pose Assistant

This HUD is one of the most useful (and used) gadgets I have. It sits descretely minimized on the side of your viewer window and expands inward when touched. This exposes several buttons that let you instantly do one of the poses included in your Open Collar. It is all much faster than typing into chat or navigating through the Open Collar pose menus.

Important: This HUD requires that you be using a version of Open Collar of 3.8 or newer.

Note that the default installation is for the HUD to be attached to the right side of your screen and for the pose buttons to open to the left. But you can rotate the HUD so that it will open to the right and be placed on the left side of your screen. See instructions for doing this in configuration page.

Here's How It Works

The HUD does not contain any poses in it's contents. All poses are in your Open Collar. You can of course add more poses to those that come standard with the collar, so you are not limited to those. This HUD interacts with Open Collar to activate poses, so you can interchange Open Collar chat or menu commands with use of the HUD.

The letters on the HUD buttons default to activating the most commonly used poses:

When you open the HUD, 10 buttons will be shown in two rows: "K", "N", "T" and "S" buttons trigger the animations: nadu, kneel, tower and subsit respectively.

The "P" and "C" buttons have a light blue border that indicates that they will launch your Open Collar's Pose and Couple menus. These buttons will give you faster access to all of the animations loaded into your collar.

The * (asterisk) button has no default pose, but you can define one of your choice for it. (See Configuring the Asterisk Button in the FAQ below).

The up arrow button will cause you to "stand up" and stop the current pose. It also closes the HUD.

The right arrows ">>" will minimize the HUD without stopping the current pose animation.

Overloading Buttons

Button Overloading allows you to add 3 additional poses to each of the 5 buttons. This sub-divides the touch area for each button into 4 quadrants allowing you to start 4 poses for each botton with a single click.

To help you remember what poses are loaded into each button, touching the question mark will print a list of the current button defintions.

By the way, the asterick is a great place to configure a few dance animation loops. See the configuration on how to add these.


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