KR Crystal Cages Conguration

Configuration for the cage is in the notecard KR Cage CONFIG and each entry consists of a KEYWORD and one or more values.

A pound sign ( # ) makes a line a comment.

SPEED SLOW     Slowest door open/close speed. Looks good in well performing regions
SPEED FAST       Fastest door open/close speed. Use when there is a lot of lag.

CLOSE_SECONDS n This is the number of seconds to wait before automatically closing the door. A value of zero will prevent the door from automatically closing.

SOUND n This plays open and close sounds with volume "n", where n can be 0 to 10.

OPEN_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in ths in the DOOR prim.

CLOSE_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the DOOR prim.

LOCK_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the root prim.

UNLOCK_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the root prim.

You only want one of the following ACCESS keywords uncommented and active.

ACCESS OWNER_ONLY    Only the owner can open the door. (over-rides all other access keywords)
ACCESS PUBLIC               Anyone can open the door
ACCESS GROUP                Only members of the same group that the door belongs to, can open it.
ACCESS USER   first last   First and last name of an authorized user. You can add multiple ACCESS USER keywords..

ALWAYS_LOCK When ACCESS PUBLIC is NOT enabled, this will cause the door to automatically lock when it is closed.

MAX_TIMER_HOURS n The maximum hours the lock timer can be set for by authorized users.

MAX_TIMER_HOURS_PUBLIC n The maximum hours the lock timer for can be set when door is public.

RLV   list of RLV commands

The following RLV restrictions are alway imposed by the cage when it is locked: tplure, tploc, tplm, fly, standtp, sittp and fartouch;

Use the RLV keyword to add more single word restrictions. Note that the list of restrictions should be separated by spaces, and that the viewer RLV code is not forgiving of mis-spellings.

Refer to the RLV specification for possible additional restriction names.

Do not include the ampersand (&) prefix or the "=n" suffix, just the name of the restriction(s). For example: RLV chatnormal shout rez