This a lightweight tool that solves a problem that you have run into over and over while role-playing.

Anytime your avatar is next to, and facing away from a wall, the default camera view is often on the other size of the wall, which means you are frequently zooming your camera for a better view. Even if you are not next to a wall, it is often useful to have a different perspective when role-playing with a larger group.

Camera Lock changes your default view so you can see the entire role play scene. Just position and zoom your camera to the desired vantage point and touch the Lock icon on the HUD. Now, anytime you press the Escape key on your keyboard, you will return to this locked view. Touch the lock icon again to release the camera and return to the default view behind your avatar.

Simple but so useful, you will wonder how you managed without it !

This item is Copy/Modify, but the script is No Modify.