Jail Keeper

Help keep Second Life safe for law abiding residents by locking up mis-behaving avatars in your own jail.


The Jail Keeper system allows you to create a jail or prison to house from a few to hundreds of prisoners. It consists of a Server which manages your prison configuration and a transparent object worn on each prisoner's head that displays floating text and can be touched to obtain a control menu.

The Jail Keeper Title provides all of the functions needed to confine and manage a persons time in your jail. The title works with a Jail Keeper Server to obtain configuration specific to your prison.

Summary of Features
  • Display time served. Define the sentence using real life days and/or SL hours.
  • RLV Restrictions to keep prisoner in a specific area.
  • Description and count down for chores or punishment tasks.
  • Define labels for groups of prisoners such as 'trustee' or 'trial pending'.
  • Automatically reward prisoners with special status based on how long they have served
  • Monitors prisoners' time away during a "work release" and ensures they come back.
  • Can interface to an external server for reporting or to obtain access lists.

What Jail Keeper Does

NOTE for small home users: After reading about all of the function provided by Jail Keeper, you will probably conclude that this system will cost thousands of Lindens. But I think you will be surprised at how affordable an entry level system can be. Read on.

Menu options for the Prisoner

The title serves as a settable AWAY status that is independent of the keyboard activity away status (that is often disabled anyway by many SL users) .

The prisoner can indicate: BRB, AFK, AFK-sleeping, AFK-eating, AFK-RL working. These provide you staff with a better idea of when to expect the person to return.

Other title lines are used for several prison related indications that can only be set by the prison staff or automatically by the title.

Menu Options and Controls for Prison Staff

Each time a Jail Keeper Title is rezzed, it checks to see if a Jail Keeper Server is nearby, and if so a fresh Prison Configuration is downloaded. The Prison Configuration defines how the Jail Keeper Title is used by your facility and includes options to:


  • Many SL jails use a name plate over a cell to track the remaining sentence for the prison assigned to the cell.

    Jail Keeper tracks the time served and remaining in the title so this information is always with the prisoner. This allows the prisoner to be moved to a different cell with a minimum of administrative effort.

    You can define the sentence using one or both of two methods:

    • Presence in the prison for some number of real life days. (The prisoner must be in the prison for at least 5 minutes for the day to count).
    • Presence in the prison for some number of SL hours.

    If SL hours is enabled, Idle Detection can also be turned on which will stop the sentence countdown timer if the prisoner is "Away", or does not move for over an hour.

  • RLV Control

    Of course a prison means control of the prisoner and the title has several RLV features to provide this control.

    • The title is automatically RLV Locked on when first worn.
    • You can define a "Default" set of RLV rules to always be applied to the prisoner. As long as the Title is locked on, this Default rule set will be applied.
    • RLV Rules Sets -- In addition to the Default rule set, you can define and assign names to five additional RLV Rule Sets in the Jail Keeper Server configuration.

      Your staff can apply these additional rules to individual prisoners.

    • RLV detection - will detect login without RLV enabled and send IMs to the Senior Prison Staff with the location of the prisoner so you can go and collect them.
    • There is a special mode and RLV Rule Set for "Work Release".

      The setup for Work Release includes setting a time period for when they should be back in prison.

      While in work release mode, all Title displays will be suppressed, except for the manually settable Away status by the prisoner.

    • If Work Release is not set, (or the Work Release timer expires) the title will detect if the prisoner is outside of the prison

      If the prisoner is found not to be in the prison, IMs are sent to senior prison staff that are logged on with the current location of the escaped prisoner.

      If RLV is still enabled, the title will automatically attempt to TP the prisoner back to a configured location. (Say a special cell in your facility).

  • Enable display and monitoring of special punishment tasks.

    One problem with the SL environment is that your prison staff do not often work regular hours or can be called way at anytime. The punishment tracking function allows any of your staff to know if a prisoner has been assigned some task as a punishment by a guard that is no longer present and how much time they have to complete the task.

    The punishment can be terminated after some period of time or after staff have decremented a count of times the prisoner has performed some task.

    Availability of this feature is optional and enabled in the server configuration.

  • Enable display of up to four special status categories for the prisoner such as "Trustee", "Trial Pending", etc.

    The prison owner can define the labels for these categories

  • Prisoner Levels can be defined based on a combination of the number of days or hours spent in prison.

    Prison Staff can manually reduce or advance the prisoner's level as a reward or punishment.

    The labels displayed for each level and what they mean are up to the prison staff and defined in the Jail Keeper Server configuration.

    Availability of this feature is optional and enabled in the server configuration.

  • A line of custom text for each prisoner can be entered by choosing "Set Text" from the menus.
  • It is important to ensure that only authorized staff can click on a prisoner's title and access the control functions.

    Jail Keeper uses Access Levels to control which of your staff can access each function in the title. For example, your prison may have a staff hierarchy of Wardens, Senior Guards and Guards. You can configure the title menus so:

    • Any staff can set custom text or punishments
    • Only Senior Guards and Wardens can enable Work Release
    • Only Wardens can set or change a prisoners sentence.
  • Staff Authentication

    Jail Keeper includes a Keypad system so that staff can use a PIN-code system to access Titles with the proper authority level. Jail Keeper does have a short term memory of previously authorized staff, so staff will not have to enter their PIN code over and over for a specific prisoner.

    However you can use the KR Access Server product (included in the KR Prison Cuffs and Leg Shackles package) to maintain a list of all staff with their access level and avoid the keypad pop-up menu

A separate page for configuration help is available.

What Jail Keeper Does Not Do

The title does not have a full set of individually selectable RLV functions. The RLV settings are defined as Rule Sets configured for all prisoners. The system does not control arm or leg restraints.

NOTE: Other RLV enabled devices can prevent some Jail Keeper functions from operating and vice-versa. We recommend that you try allowing Jail Keeper to control all RLV restrictions and just use your collar and cuff systems for leashing and poses.

You may want to consider my modifications to the Open Collar Cuffs, which have been customized for jail use.

Jail Keeper User Licenses

Licenses to allow additional users may be purchased in the following quantities: 5, 10 25, 50, 100 and 200. Just rez the user license next to your Jail Server and your server will be updated. Licenses are additive, so if you need to support 30 prisoners at one time, just purchase two licenses for 5 and 25 users.

Jail Keeper counts users based on the number of titles that rez and request configuration updates from the server during a 4 week period. So the number of user licenses required depends on the number of new users each week and the typical length of stay.

This system of incremental User Licenses allows use of Jail Keeper for small jails to be very affordable. The cost per user also decreases with higher volume licenses. Licenses are additive, so you can increase the capacity of Jail Keeper incremental as popularity of your site increases.

When a prisoner goes through the "Parole" process their license is returned to the pool of available licenses.

You can also configure the Jail Keeper Server, to only give out a license after a staff member first touches the server. This prevents casual visitors from getting a license and then leave from consuming a license

Using Licenses

Each License has a unique ID that it sends to the Jail Keeper Server periodically. The Server maintains a list of these License IDs that includes a timestamp. Licenses must be kept rezzed near the Jail Keeper Server in order for the Server's timestamp for each License to be refreshed. If a License's timestamp expires the allowed user count for the server is reduced by the value of the missing license.

As the Jail Keeper Server can be copied, you can setup two or more jails with one Jail Keeper purchase, and then purchase the number of licenses you think will be needed for each Jail. If you later find that one jail has more traffic than the other, you can simply move a license from one jail to another to balance the actual traffic with the Licenses in use for each jail.

For example, you have two jails with the following licenses:

  • Jail A - Licenses: 50 25
  • Jail B - Licenses: 50 50 10

You can swap Jail A's 25 user License with a 50 user license from Jail B.


The Jail Keeper Server is Copy/Modify/NoTransfer, but the scripts are No Modify.

Jail Keeper Licenses cannot be copied and will only work for their original owner.