There are two situations where unwanted removal of clothes or attachments can occur:

  1. When using the new Replace Current Outfit viewer command, it is easy to forget to include your tattoo layer or HUDs in every outfit folder resulting in removal of these items when you wear the new outfit.

    You then have to spend time locating items in your inventory and reattaching them.

  2. Some poorly written RLV scripted devices are too aggressive in their attempt to remove clothing and/or attachments and will remove prim hair, tattoos, and often all of your HUD attachments.

But with this HUD you can RLV lock these items in place and prevent unwanted removal.

The Look Protector HUD also allows you to lock and unlock HUD attachments.

Extra Features

Two bonus features allow you to:

Look Protector HUD requires a 2.x or later based viewer that supports and has enabled RLV. An RLV relay or other RLV control device is not required.

This item is Copy/Modify, but the script is No Modify.