Pregnancy Shape - Configuration and Setup

All configuration parameters are specified in the "names" of notecards in the Contents of the HUD. Opening these notecards will show instructions on how the name or title of the notecard should be changed.

Your Starting Shape

The name of the START notecard begins with the world START followed by the shape slider values for your initial shape. For example: START 6 40 20 25 15 55 35 20

The sequence of the shape sliders is

  • Body->Body Fat
  • Torso->Breast Size
  • Torso->Breast Buoyancy
  • Torso->Love Handles
  • Torso->Belly Size
  • Legs->Leg Muscles
  • Legs->Butt Size
  • Legs->Saddle Bags

Your Final Shape

Your final shape can be calculated by the HUD or you can fully specify it. In either case small incremental changes will be suggested for each week of your pregnancy. These changes are not linear, that is they have the same small increase each week. Instead some sliders move slowly at first and faster toward the end of your pregnancy, while others move more quickly at first and then slow down.

To have more control over your final shape, you can also include a FINAL notecard. The world FINAL is followed by the same sequence of parameters as the START notecard.