Pregnancy Shape Calculator

This HUD is a convenient accessory for use with pregnancy HUDs that do not provide dynamic shape change information. It calculates several shape values for each simulated week of your pregnancy.

These calculations use a realistic approximation curve that changes your shape slowly at first, rapidly in the middle and then more slowly toward the end of your pregnancy.

Appearance Shape settings

  • Body->Body Fat
  • Torso->Breast Size
  • Torso->Breast Buoyancy
  • Torso->Love Handles
  • Torso->Belly Size
  • Legs->Leg Muscles
  • Legs->Butt Size
  • Legs->Saddle Bags

Use this HUD each week of your pregnancy to know how adjust the appearance sliders to change your body shape.


This HUD take your starting shape into consideration when calculating your final shape. But you can set your final shape to a fixed set of values and the HUD will spread the changes over the duration of your pregnancy.

This item is Copy/Modify, but the script is No Modify.