Role Play Title

Configuration for the Role Play Title

The only configuration for the title is contained in the name of a notecard that starts with: "README & CONFIG".

Following "README & CONFIG", you specify who can access and change the TOP LINE of the title.

The options are:
README & CONFIG none No one except you can change the top line (This is the default)

NOTE: This allows you to set text for both the top and middle lines. Any other setting allows other people to set the top line and prevents you from changing it.

README & CONFIG anyone Anyone (except you) can change the top line. Not very useful for role play, but can be fun at a party.
README & CONFIG group Only people in the same group as the title can change the top line
README & CONFIG name1 name2 ... A list of 1 or 2 (maybe more if they are short) user names (first and last) that can change it. Note that these are user names and not "Display Names"