This 3 line title floats above your head and can be touched by you (or optionally others) to set a text message or title above your head.

This is a useful tool for role playing that allows you explain something about your character and also to quickly select from one of 5 AFK status messages.

The Three Lines

The Top Line

If you allow others to change the top line, it can only be set or changed by others and you can not change it.

You can configure the title to:

  • not allow anyone else to set or change it. (It now becomes available for you to set).
  • Allow a single configured person to set it.
  • Allow anyone in a group to set it.
  • Allow anyone set it.

The Middle Line

Text for the second line can always be set or cleared by you at any time.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is used for an AFK status message which can be selected from a menu. The choices are:

Clears the AFK status line
AFK ~ 5 minutes
Displays: AFK
Displays: RL Working, may not be responsive
Meal Time
Displays: RL Meal Time
Displays: RL Sleeping

The text of the title changes color based on the AFK status:

  • Green: Active
  • Yellow: When "AFK ~ 5 minutes" is displayed
  • Red: Not really here


  1. True AFK status is not detected by the title, but it will detect if your avatar has been in the same location for 15 minutes and if so change to an AFK display. You will receive a pop-up menu asking to confirm that you are actually present.
  2. If you set "BRB", after 5 minutes the status will automatically be changed from "AFK ~ 5 minutes" to "AFK".
  3. If you happen to use an RLVa enabled viewer, the title can be locked on, so it can not be accidentally removed.

This item is Copy/Modify, but the script is No Modify.