KR Prison Cuffs - Configuration and Setup


This page will explain exactly how to configure, install plug-in scripts and set permissions in order to use the cuffs in your prison.

If you already have a web server in place supporting your prison there are instructions at the end of this page for creating a plug-in for the KR Access List Server to use your web server..

Setting up the In-World Access List Server

The in-world KR Access List server that is included in this package will accomdate about 200 names.

Setting up the Access List Server

  1. Rez the KR Access Server in your prison intake area.
  2. Edit the "Access List" Notecard
    • Add the names of your staff with their access level tp the notecard

      Each name is preceeded with the keyword "LEVEL" followed by a number "n". Where "n" is their access level. These four levels are used with the KR Jail Keeper product. For use with the KR Cuffs, all levels (from 1 to 4) provide the same "owner" access.

      Use the first and last names of the staff person's SL login (not their display name).

      You should be able to add almost 200 names before running low on memory.

    • Save the notecard.

Setting up the Cuff Permissions

In order for the cuffs to be given by the dispenser, and also to allow the scripts to function, you much change the Next Owner Permissions on the cuff and shackle objects to COPY / NO MODIFY / NO TRANSFER

The server will announce if the cuffs do not have the correct permissions.

Using an External Web Server

An alternative to maintaining a long list of user names in a notecard, is to use a web server to do the user lookup. The KR Access Server contains a notecard named "Web Lookup Plug-in for KR Access Server". Copy the contents of the notecard into a script and make the following changes:

  • Change the line:
    string sExternalServerAddress = "";
    to point to your web server and cgi-script name.
  • You may also need to modify:
    llHTTPRequest(sExternalServerAddress + sRequest, [HTTP_METHOD, "POST", HTTP_MIMETYPE, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"], "");
    if your server script requires any additional name/value pairs for authentication.

Then make sure your server returns a single line formated as:
where AccessLevel is a single digit from 1 to 4. And all other values are unchanged from what was receivied orginally by the plug-in script.

For use with the cuffs, all Access Levels provide "OWNER" authority. The different levels (1 to 4) are so this server can also be used the KR Jail Keeper system. If you not using Jail Keeper, just return a '1' for AccessLevel.

Why have web plug-in in the server instead of in the cuffs?

It would seem that this extra message passing between the cuffs and the KR Access Server could be avoided if authentication is actually to be done by the web server. However, should your web server be moved to another machine, or you need to change the authentication or protocol for your cgi scripts, you need only to make a change in the KR Access Server plug-in script and avoid the disruption of updating the cuffs for all of your prisoners.