KR Prison Cuffs & Leg Shackles
with Access Control System

An inexpensive Open Collar based cuff system for situations where your staff belong to a different group than the prisoners.


The OpenCollar Cuffs do not work well in prisons because:

  • Setting cuffs to "Open Access" would let prisoners access to each others cuffs;
  • There are a large number of staff that need access;
  • You can't use SL Groups because prisoners and staff belong to different groups.
  • Having prisoners add 20 or so staff as 'owners' is tedious

This solution to that problem includes:

  • Modified OpenCollar scripts to allow an external server to provide authentication of your staff and grant them Owner Access to cuff menus.
  • An in-world Access Control server to keep a list of your staff and communication with the cuffs.
  • Cuff objects styled for more of a handcuff look.

What is included

  • A patched OpenCollar authentication script.
  • An additional 'interface script' that communicates with an in-world server
  • An in-world Access Server where a list of your staff is maintained in a notecard.

    This server also acts as a dispensor for handing out cuffs to your prisoners.

  • The OpenCollar Leash script has added to the cuffs so your staff can attach a leash to the cuffs instead of to a collar which is more consistant with prison role play.
  • Cuffs and Leg Shackle objects that are the equivalent of the open collar arm and leg cuffs.

How this works

When someone touches the cuffs, they will fail the internal authentication of the OpenCollar scripts. But the patched authentication script will then pass the user's name to the 'interface script', which will in turn ask the KR Access Server if that user is to be granted access.

The server returns an access level to the cuffs and that requests the OpenCollar scripts to open the Owners menu.

The user can then access the Owner functions of the cuffs including Leash and Cuff Pose menus.

The configuration page will explain how to configure users in the Access Server.

NOTE: The prisoner (Owner) wearing the cuffs will not be able to access any menus.


The in-world KR Access Control server/cuff dispensor is NO COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER

Orginal KR scripts are COPY / NO MODIFY / NO TRANSFER

The Prison Cuffs and Leg Shackle objects are COPY / MODIFY / TRANSFER.

All orginal and patched OpenCollar scripts are COPY / MODIFY / TRANSFER.

Memory Usage

The Open Collar cuffs have a large number of scripts and typically reserve over 1MB of server memory. I have re-complied many of these scripts using Mono and reduced memory limits such that the total reserved memory has been reduced by 200KB.

Actual memory requirements depend on how the cuffs are used and so there is a possibly that I was too agressive in reducing limits for some of the scripts and stack/heap errors may occur that did not appear in my testing. If you run into this, send me a note with the complete error message (and what was being done with the cuffs at the time), and I will update the cuffs immediately.


Because an in-world server is used for authentication, prison staff access is restricted to the region where the KR Access Server is located.