KR Jail Door - Configuration and Setup

Jail Door Configuration

Configuration for the Door is in the notecard KR Jail Door CONFIG and each entry consists of a KEYWORD and one or more values.

A pound sign ( # ) makes a line a comment.

SPEED SLOW     Slowest door open/close speed. Looks good in well performing regions
SPEED FAST       Fastest door open/close speed. Use when there is a lot of lag.

CLOSE_SECONDS n This is the number of seconds to wait before automatically closing the door. A value of zero will prevent the door from automatically closing.

SOUND n This plays open and close sounds with volume "n", where n can be 1 to 10.

OPEN_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the door's Contents.

CLOSE_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the door's Contents.

LOCK_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the door's Contents.

UNLOCK_SOUND n UUID (key) or name of a sound file in the door's Contents.

ALWAYS_LOCK When ACCESS PUBLIC is NOT enabled, this will cause the door to automatically lock when it is closed.

MAX_TIMER_HOURS n The maximum time the lock timer can be set to by authorized users.

MAX_TIMER_HOURS_PUBLIC n The maximum time the lock timer can be set when door is public.

You only want one of the following MOVEMENT keywords uncommented and active.

MOVEMENT SWING n The door is to swing as if on a hinge The parameter "n" can have the value of 1 or 2, and changes the direction the door opens.

MOVEMENT SLIDE n The door is to slide left, right, up or down. The parameter "n" changes the direction of the slide and can have the values: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]. It is a good idea for sliding door to always have an auto close value to ensure the door does not end up inside a wall where it can not be touched.

You only want one of the following ACCESS keywords uncommented and active.

ACCESS OWNER_ONLY Only the owner can open the door. (over-rides all other access keywords)

ACCESS PUBLIC Anyone can open the door

ACCESS GROUP Only members of the same group that the door belongs to, can open it.

ACCESS PLUG_IN n Uses the KR Access Server Plugin to get authorization from a KR Access Server. (A separate product that is part of the KR Prison Cuffs package.)

The Access Server allows you to list the names of all of your staff along with an access level number from 1 to 4, where 4 is the highest level of access. The number supplied with the ACCESS PLUG_IN keyword works with the access level number from the Access Server. If for example, you have "ACCESS PLUG_IN 2" configured for a door, then any person listed in the access server with level 2 or higher will be able to lock or unlock the door.

When using the KR Access Server, it is necessary for the door to sync with the server to establish a communication channel. To syncronize a door, it must be within 10 meters of the KR Access Server.

If you have a lot of doors to install, syncronize one and then take it back into your inventory. You should then be able to install that copy in your jail as needed and they will retain their syncronization.

Use of the KR Access Server Plugin for the doors is usually not required as it is common for staff to be in a different group than prisoners. In fact the door ships without the Plug-in script installed in the Contents of the door in order to reduce memory requirements of the door. If you want to use it, just copy the KR Access Plugin script from the door folder in your inventory into the door while near the KR access sever and allow it to syncronize. Then populate you jail with copies of this syncronized door.