KR Jail Door

Convert any small room into a jail cell with this cell door.

Door Features

  • Includes a single prim door, plus a more realistic 5-prim door.
  • Open/close sounds with variable volume.
  • Can be locked

Door Movement

  • The door can be configured to either swing open or slide left or right.
  • The door can be placed off angle to the N-S/E-W grid and it will still operate correctly.
  • Can open and close quickly, or more slowly. (Slow opening doors recommended only for regions with no lag).


There are three security concepts to understand.

  1. The door can be configured to operate only for authorized users, such as the owner or anyone in the same group (as the door). But the door can also be configured to be "public" and allow anyone to lock the door and "take" the key.
  2. When the door is operated by an authorized user, they have the following options:
    • Leaving the door unlocked so anyone can open and close it.
    • Locking the door.
    • Locking the door with a timer to unlock it.

    When the unlock timer expires, the door behavior depends on whether the door has been configured to "Always Lock". If Always Lock is enabled, the door will open one time and then lock. If Always Lock is not enabled the door can be open or closed by anyone until it is locked again by an authorized user.

  3. A publicly accessable door can be opened and closed by anyone. If they choose to lock the door, an unlock timer will always be set.

    When the unlock timer expires, the door can be operated (open or closed) by anyone until it is locked again. The Always Lock option is not recognized for public doors.

This door also works with my KR Access Server to authenticate a large number of users when group access will not work for you. When used with the KR Access Server, you can easily assign access levels such that some doors can be opened by all of your staff, but other are restricted to your warden or other senior staff.

Left door is a single prim with a texture. On the right is a 5 prim 3D door.


The door object is COPY, MODIFY, NO TRANSFER

The scripts are COPY / NO MODIFY / NO TRANSFER